Trailers: for tractors and books

Not so very long ago, I thought a trailer was just for lugging sports gear or for towing farm equipment from one place to another.

As a farm kid, this is the type of trailer I grew up around.

More recently, I’ve come to enjoy BOOK TRAILERS and the bird’s-eye view they offer into new books — complete with fun visuals and music.

I was thrilled when Canadian kidlit author and tour de force, Eric Walters, put me in touch with Dan Rolo. An Ontario-based teacher, Dan also builds book trailers to help connect his students to Canadian authors, and to generate enthusiasm for reading their books.

Volleyball Vibe (Lorimer Sports Story; released fall 2020)

With insights by acclaimed author Lorna Schultz Nicholson, Dan created this wonderful book trailer for Volleyball Vibe. This is my second Sports Story and it features Ria Tanaka, a grade 8 student and (initially) a reluctant athlete who joins her very first school team…. the volleyball team.

While working with Dan on the trailer, I learned we have something else in common: we both love working with junior high students. Throughout my eight years as a teacher, I mostly taught grade 7 and 8 students. Dan gravitates toward the same grades and this year, he teaches a grade 7/8 class.

Dan Rolo, teacher and superhero

I’m delighted that in addition to being the proud owner of this wonderful book trailer, I will get to do a virtual classroom visit with Dan’s students during #IReadCanadian week. How lucky am I?

Karen in Zoomster presentation mode!

Not surprisingly, Dan is also involved in “I Read Canadian: 2.0 Now More Than Ever.” This initiative is very dear to me and it encourages students to read a Canadian book for at least 15 minutes on February 17, 2021.

“Now More Than Ever”

As always, I am inspired by all that teachers like Dan (aka “Mr. Rolo”) do to make a difference in students’ lives. And, of course, I think he has surpassed himself with my shiny new trailer for Volleyball Vibe.

Thank you, Dan, for the wonderful book trailer and for your work inside and outside of the classroom.

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