Karen’s books:

Taking the Lead: “The writer of this book is a runner herself, and so the descriptions of each run in the book are authentic. Fast paced and believable and would be of special interest to students, boys in particular, who find reading larger novels to be a chore. Highly Recommended.” (UManitoba, January 2020)

[Unity Club] is an engaging story about adversity, social responsibility, homelessness, and forgiveness. Tweens and teens will find this book to be very readable and relatable as the students struggle with the will to do the right thing but are swayed by social pressure and the need for acceptance by friends. Highly Recommended.” (UManitoba, June 2018)

Push Back: “Some of the settings, such as school and home, will be familiar to most readers, and Spafford-Fitz takes them to more unfamiliar settings, like the streets (the places Zaine finds shelter) and the police station, with ease. Push Back is an engaging read that will offer opportunities for discussion of the justice system. Recommended.” (UManitoba, fall 2018)

Saving Grad is a quick read, with a very fast paced plot. The French language is used in many conversations between Vienna and her grandmother, a feature which readers may find interesting. Recommended.” (UManitoba, fall 2017)

“Karen Spafford-Fitz has woven a realistic narrative in Saving Grad, with credible characters with whom teen readers can associate. There is no denying the topics are difficult and Spafford-Fitz does not sugar-coat them, but rather tells it as it is in the most natural way possible. Saving Grad is an excellent novel for classroom discussion.” Rating: Excellent (Resource Links Journal, December 2017)

Vanish: “Spafford-Fitz weaves the subplots together effortlessly to create a rich reading experience.” (VOYA, June 2013)

Dog Walker: “An amusing and clever book. Excellent.” (Resource Links Journal, 2006)

Dog Walker: “While this fast-paced, dialogue-filled romp is a delight for all dog lovers, any reader will enjoy Turk’s quick-thinking solution that has him racing to keep the girl and the dog.” (, 2006)

Karen’s presentations:

“The students/staff were mesmerized. Karen Spafford-Fitz’s presentation resulted in all of her books being checked from the library that day! How terrific to see the “spark” of creativity and literacy simultaneously ignite! There is just no App for that!” (host librarian; Elmworth, Alberta, spring 2019)

“A few student quotes and answers when asked ‘What do you remember about the visit that will help you as a writer?’ Be confident. Make the characters suffer during the story. Put them in lots of trouble. Revise your work, a lot.” (host teacher; Grande Prairie, Alberta, spring 2019)

“It was great how the author did her presentation in French and English!” (host teacher; Grande Prairie, Alberta, spring 2019)

“In my entire career, I could not have offered the students what the visiting author did in a single session.” (host librarian; Cold Lake, Alberta, spring 2017)