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Things have been crazy busy here in my writing studio… so busy that I have, once again, neglected my blog. (Sighs) This post is my attempt to remedy that neglect, and to update you on all I’ve been up to.

My big news – and my coolest happening – is that my third book for teens, Saving Grad, was released by James Lorimer & Company Ltd. on August 15th. To say that I’m overjoyed would be a huge understatement.

*clicks heels*  *attempts handsprings*

The design team at Lorimer Books hit it out of the park with this awesome cover illustration of Vienna Fleury, protagonist of SAVING GRAD.

The design team at Lorimer Books hit it out of the park with this amazing cover illustration of my protagonist, Vienna Fleury.

Since Saving Grad‘s release, I have been busy with all kinds of fun promotional events. I even got to visit CBC Radio for an “Edmonton AM” interview with Mark Connolly and Garrette McGowan.

Mark and Garrette; butter tarts

Mark Connolly and Garrette McGowan at CBC Radio reviewing the butter tarts after reviewing SAVING GRAD.

Mark and Garrette were both warm, enthusiastic hosts who, among their many fine qualities, are appreciative diners when it comes to my homemade (and famously raisin-free) butter tarts.

Here is a link to the fun interview I had with Mark and Garrette:

For many authors, the days following the release of a new book can be nerve-wracking as those “book babies” that we’ve done our best to nurture and nudge into their best, truest forms are – for the first time – out of our hands.

We of course hope they will be received enthusiastically by readers and by reviewers, and I’m delighted that has been the case with Saving Grad.

Avenue Edmonton magazine

A lovely mention and kind words about SAVING GRAD in Edmonton’s AVENUE  magazine (September 2017)

In the September 2017 issue of Edmonton’s Avenue magazine, the reviewer used terms like “timely, important social issues,” “approachable” and “engaging” when discussing Saving Grad. I could not be happier!

That brings me to today, when I awoke to news of this thoughtful review of Saving Grad by Helen Kubiw, keeper of the well-loved, respected blog called “CanLit for Little Canadians.”

There are few things more gratifying than having a reviewer understand your intent and appreciate your story after you have poured your heart and soul into it. I admit to shedding a few tears when I read these words:

“Like Vienna and Sophie ending up in Edmonton in the middle of winter, the destination may not be an easy one at first but it is a fulfilling one in the end… It’s a story of resilience and strength and making something good out of something bad.”

*wipes eyes*

Wow! So if ever it feels like time for a party, it is NOW…. or rather, on October 1st. Along with Debby Waldman, who is celebrating her wonderful new middle-grade book called Miriam’s Secret (Orca Book Publishers), I will be launching Saving Grad at Audreys Books in downtown Edmonton.

invitation to Audreys Books

Please consider yourself personally invited! I hope you will join me, and of course Vienna Fleury, at Audreys Books on October 1st to help welcome Saving Grad into the world. There will be stories, laughter, books, and of course dozens of raisin-free butter tarts.

Would love to see you there!

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  1. Congratulations that is an incredible review and I look forward to my copy which is as they say ” In the mail”. Your book is out in the world and I know she will be well taken care of. B

  2. Great blog, Karen. I especially loved the pic of you and Mark and Garrett at CBC! You are an inspiration! Looking forward to our book launch on Oct. 1. Then maybe we should take the show on the road to Montreal?

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