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Welcome to Bonnyville, Karen Spafford-Fitz. Thank you, Bonnyville. I feel very welcome indeed!

“Welcome to Bonnyville, Karen Spafford-Fitz.”
“Thank you, Bonnyville. I feel very welcome indeed!”

Tomorrow marks my first author visit as part of the TaleBlazers 2014 tour. This program is part of the Young Alberta Book Society’s annual campaign to promote literacy by bringing working artists into school and libraries throughout the province.

My first visit of the 2014 tour happens in Bonnyville, a small town which is a three-hour drive northeast of Edmonton. The sunshine and the ever-present big Alberta sky made for beautiful driving conditions today. The few clouds were hanging low enough that I felt like I could reach up and tear off pieces then stuff them into my mouth like handfuls of sun-bleached cotton candy.

And while I sometimes hear people complain that “Alberta is so flat” (and that’s a problem for WHAT reason???), I find the rolling countryside irresistible and soothing. At several points along the way, I was tempted to pull over, swap out my walking shoes for running shoes, and go for a run through the golden, hay-stubbled fields among the massive jellyroll-styled hay bales.

I resisted though and continued following that beautiful open sky all the way to Bonnyville, at which time my usual touring routine kicked in: checking into my hotel, then locating my school in readiness for the next day’s visit.

École Dr. Bernard Brosseau School grades 5-8; English and French immersion

École Dr. Bernard Brosseau School
grades 5-8; English and French immersion

Sure enough, I easily found École Dr. Brosseau School. At 6:30 pm on a Sunday, it was empty but for a family playing in the nearby park. The quiet however was perfect as it gave me an opportunity to savour this lovely greeting.


Needless to say, I can’t WAIT to meet the wonderful school librarian who has spearheaded the school’s “Read It 4WRD 2014” program. And of course I’m especially excited about meeting the students!

The Happy Valley Family Restaurant's "Combo Dinner For One," which I have renamed the "Combo Dinner For Three-And-A-Half."

The Happy Valley Family Restaurant’s “Combo Dinner For One,” which I have renamed the “Combo Dinner For Three-And-A-Half.”

I turned next to finding the Chinese restaurant that the hotel clerk recommended. Sure enough, the offerings at the Happy Valley Family Restaurant were as delicious as I’d heard.

And as I head into tomorrow’s sessions with my students, I only hope I can live up to the message contained within my fortune cookie.

"You will be a lion in your own cause."

“You will be a lion in your own cause.”


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