So THIS is coming up! Join me?

Hope you can join me for the party at Audreys Books! Sunday, September 16th, 2 pm.

I hope you can join me for the party at Audreys Books… Sunday, September 16th at 2 pm.

This is a first for me: the first time I’ve ever had two books released at the same time. So that calls for a half-time show, right? I mean, if the Super Bowl can do it, why not Audreys Books too?

There will also be a book talk, readings, refreshments (including my special raisin-free butter tarts), and a signing. It’s where ALL the cool* kids will be hanging out this weekend.

(*cool = awesome, book-loving)

Would love to see you there! And don’t hesitate to wear your favourite toque, puffer jacket, and winter boots in deference to Edmonton’s rude startling summer weather.

Happy reading, friends, and welcome to the world, Unity Club and Push Back!


Many thanks to Audreys Books, Orca Book Publishers and James Lorimer & Company. 

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